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South Africa Visitor's Permit

The South African Visitor's Permit (also referred to as a Visitor's Visa) is intended for any foreign national who wishes to enter South Africa on a temporary basis, for the purpose of tourism or general business for a period of usually 3 months or less.

The South African Visitor's Permit is available in two main categories:

The first is the standard "Short-term Permit" and is granted for a period of 3 months This is suitable for tourists or businessmen on short-term visits to the country. This permit can be extended on one occasion by a further 3 months depending on the purpose of the extension.

A visitor’s permit may be issued for more than one entry, if multiple entries are requested by the applicant, but may not exceed the 3 month period.

The second is known as the "Extended Visitor's Permit" and is designed primarily for those who wish to conduct research, an academic sabbatical, or pursue voluntary work in the country. This visa is valid for a period of up to 3 years and requires candidates to provide a range of supporting documents.