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South Africa Study Permit

A South African Study Permit is issued to a foreign national who intends to study within South Africa where the duration of their course exceeds 3 months. Where the duration of the course is less than 3 months, a Visitor's Visa is all that is required.

The applicant may conduct their studies at any recognised learning institution such as a public or private school, college, university or learning centre. Studies may be conducted at any level (primary, secondary or tertiary) and there are no age restrictions.

The applicant for a study permit, will need to:

  • Submit an official letter from the relevant institution confirming their provisional acceptance, and the duration of their course.
  • Show that they have sufficient financial means to pay for their course, and support themselves while in the Republic.
  • Undertake to notify the Department upon completion of their studies
  • Where the applicant is under the age of 21 years:
    - provide the particulars of the person(s) in the Republic who will act as the learner's guardian(s).
    - provide proof of consent for the intended stay and studies from the applicant’s parents or custodians.

A holder of a study permit may not conduct fulltime work. Work will only be permitted where it is part-time, or where it is required as part of the practical training of the studies.