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South Africa Retired Person Permit

A retired person permit may be issued to a foreign national as a form of temporary residency should they intend to retire within South Africa. The holder of the permit may reside within the Republic on a seasonal or continuous basis.

This option is available to all foreign nationals over 18 years old.

The applicant will need to:

  • Prove the right to a pension, or an irrevocable annuity or retirement account which will provide them
    with a minimum payment of ZAR 20.000 for the rest of their life; or
  • Demonstrate a net worth via a combination of assets that will realise an amount of ZAR 20.000 per month.

The permit is valid for a 4 year period, after which it may be renewed.

The holder of the permit may be permitted to conduct work.

The holder of a retired person permit may also qualify to submit an application for permanent residence.