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South Africa Permanent Residency by Direct Relation

A permanent residency permit allows a foreign national to stay within South Africa for an unlimited period of time.

Permanent residency is not exactly the same as citizenship. The holder of a permanent resident can apply for citizenship if they have been in possession of their permit for at least 5 years. Nevertheless, the holder of this type of permit has the same rights and duties as a South African citizen (excluding the right to vote).

It is important to note that a permanent residency permit can be withdrawn if the holder is convicted of any serious offences, or has been absent from the Republic for more than 3 years.

Permanent residency can be broadly divided into two main groups: that of "Direct Residency" and "Residency on other grounds".

Direct Permanent Residency or Residency by Direct Relation can be obtained if a foreign national is either the spouse or a child of a South African citizen or permanent resident.

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