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South Africa Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit

The South African Intra-Company Transfer Permit is issued to a foreign national who is being transferred by his or her company to work for their affiliate branch within South Africa. The maximum duration for the permit is 2 years.

The applicant will need to produce a letter from their employer confirming that he or she will be transferred to the company's branch (or subsidiary) within South Africa. In addition, the reason to employ the applicant and outline of the job description will be required.

The employer must see to it that adequate or prescribed measures are undertaken that such applicant will at all times comply with the provisions of the South African Immigration Act and will immediately notify the Director-General if it has reason to believe otherwise.

The employer is required to provide the required financial guarantees with regards to repatriation costs should the applicant fail to depart from the country at the end of his or her term of service.

The holder of an intra-company transfer work permit may only conduct work for the employer referred to, and in accordance with the job description, as set out in his or her permit.