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South Africa Corporate Permit

A corporate permit is designed for a South African company who wishes to employ a number of foreigners to conduct work for their business, and is an excellent way for them to manage their human resource needs.

A corporate work permit is issued detailing the sectors within which the foreign nationals will be employed and the allocated numbers per sector.

Individual authorisation certificates are also issued, to enable the specified employees to apply for individual corporate worker permits.

The applicant of a corporate permit will need to:

  • Provide proof of the need to employ the requested number of foreigners, including the reasons as to why the skills required for the job(s) are not available from a South African applicant.
  • Submit a job description and proposed remuneration in respect of each foreigner.
  • Ensure that the foreigner is employed only in the specific position for which the permit was issued.
  • Ensure that the foreigner at all times complies with the provisions of the South African Immigration Act.
  • Provide financial guarantees in terms of repatriation costs should the permit be withdrawn.
  • Ensure that foreigner departs from the Republic upon completion of his or her tour of duty.

The holder of a corporate work permit may also qualify to submit an application for permanent residence.