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Business, Work & Study in South Africa

South Africa offers a wealth of opportunities for foreigners wanting to work or study within the country. Businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors alike will be pleased with the skills and resources available to them within this emerging economy.

The South African business infrastructure is generally well developed, and could be seen as a model for other African countries to follow. It includes an efficient infrastructure of roads, rail and air transport, a well developed communications network, as well as substantial financial structure.

For both international and domestic investors, there are many investment opportunities available in modern South Africa. The country is the world leader in several specialised manufacturing areas: such as gold, coal, mineral processing and stainless steels. Several other areas, such as tourism, agriculture, construction, and the service industry are undergoing rapid growth at the moment, and look likely to attract substantial foreign investment over the coming years.

South Africa has a vibrant higher education sector, with more than a million students enrolled in the country's 24 state-funded tertiary institutions. Many of South Africa's universities are world-class academic institutions, at the cutting edge of research in certain fields.

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